Tudur Owen a'r Cwmni Seidr

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Presenter and comedian Tudur Owen is back with another bold challenge to revive a traditional trade - while at the same time offering a real business experience to members of the local community. Behind Conwy's medieval walls there's one undiscovered secret - a community orchard brimming with apples. The fruit belong to the town but many go to waste each year. Can a group of local people revive the craft of cider-making in the town' From pressing to bottling to blending the race is on to get the
  • Expires in 11 days
  • First aired on 31 August 2017
  • Last aired on 30 August 2017
  • 47 minutes
  • Worldwide
  • English subtitles available
  • Tudur Owen a'r Cwmni website

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